Sponsor a Horse Program!

Sometimes we have animals come into rescue that for various reason find it hard to be rehomed. It could be for health reasons (such as terminal problems) or aggression problems or just that they have come into rescue so old that it is unlikely that they will be offered a home. This isn't to say that they cannot go to new homes should someone come along that can offer them a home even though they know that time may be limited or that work will need to be done with them.

We do have a non-destruct policy here and will only euthanase an animal if they are suffering, not because they have been here too long or are an inconvienience (which they never are in our eyes!)

 All donations received go directly on the animals particularly on vet fee's. Nobody takes a wage here for working in the rescue.

If you feel that you can offer a donation towards our sponsor animals care then please navigate to our "Donations Page"