Our People

Nikki and Jessie

 Jessica has been an OPEN Volunteer since 2016, shortly after moving up to WA from Louisiana with her family's five horses. She grew up caring/training horses on the farm and she has been working with Minis since 2006. She prefers mini horses due to their versatility and small size. Jessica was scrolling Facebook when she saw the post about rescuing a miniature horse and mule, so she headed out to OPEN the next day to help out with the new horse/mule and ended up fostering the miniature horse until adoption and naming her Nikki after a family friend who passed away several years ago, and had the same attitude as her.

Nikki was rescued by OPEN in  June of 2017, her owner had Alzheimer's disease  and forgot he even had equines. She was aggressive towards the rescue team, and had a mat the size of a basket ball in her tail. She was assumed pregnant but lost the foal. She had to be taught how to walk because her feet were so torn up. Nikki was adopted by a loving family in August 2017, and her Handler Jessica Clark has worked with her to be the ambassador horse for OPEN, and Jessica's family is very involved with OPEN today!