Who are we? What do we do?

OPEN is a 501 c(3) equine rescue organization funded through donations, fundraising and adoption fees. We started rescuing horses in 2006 on our own properties as our household budgets would allow. There was an almost continual need for our help and then in 2012 we were asked by the county to help them with a large seizure of 17 emaciated horses, we networked with several people we knew to find emergency foster homes for all 17! That event is what spurred us on into getting our nonprofit status so we could give donation receipts to those who helped us! We received our nonprofit status in 2013.

We quickly realized that non profit status didn’t mean we would magically be given a facility, and we certainly couldn’t afford to buy one! So we decided to build one on a small 3.6 acre piece of property we had been using for overflow animals when our personal properties were full... at least until we could afford to buy one.... somehow.

Each year since then we have seen the need for our help grow. We have helped hundreds of horses and almost as many people to care for their animals when times were tough. We have fund raised for specific projects each year... In 2014 we put up new perimeter fencing on two sides of the property. In 2015 we built our first covered paddocks and work areas, in 2016 we fund raised for and built our hay barn and then in 2017 we built our new office/ used tack store! We are also working with our county to be an emergency large animal shelter in case of natural disasters. 

We are always in need of help and volunteers and would love to hear from you!